Tahira Sheer Silk Dress

₹ 5,550.00

going on a brunch or high tea? this dress is perfect for the effortless styling. this dress is handcrafted, hand block printed in Katan silk also known as Pot-thans (Pot-thans are lighter in textures (lower thread count) than kinkhwabs but closely woven in silk and all or certain portions of the pattern are in gold or silver zaris. These fabrics are mostly used for making expensive garments and saris. Very often the satin ground weave is particularly used for garments fabrics. These fabrics are characterized by their jals which are normally made out of silk. 

  • made in katan silk
  • separate slip dress 
  • dry clean only

Our model is wearing size XS and she’s 5’8 feet tall.

Tax included.

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